Period panties are just like normal panties except that they have 3 extra layers sewn into the gusset. Blushproofs have a wicking layer to draw your flow away from your body; an absorbing layer to trap your flow; and a waterproofing layer to prevent any leaks. Our wicking fabric is treated with SILVADUR™ which controls odour.

At Blushproof®, we're continually improving our product offering. As such, we now offer 4 different levels of absorption for most of our styles, barring the Swim and the Thong. The Swim now comes in Light and Moderate (as requested by lots of our customers) and the Thong still only comes in Light. 

Light - shorter gusset with a single absorbing layer in between the leakproof layer and the wicking layer (used to be called Light-Moderate)

Moderate - same shorter gusset with a double absorbing layer in between the leakproof layer and the wicking layer giving extra protection (same as the previous Light-Moderate but with an extra layer of absorption)

Heavy - longer gusset (in the front and back) with a double absorbing layer in between the leakproof layer and the wicking layer (a bit shorter in the front and back than the previous Moderate-Heavy but with an extra layer of absorption)

Super - even longer gusset (almost to the waist in the front and back) with a double absorbing layer in between the leakproof layer and the wicking layer (used to be called the Heavy-Super)

Although we'd love everyone to hand wash their blushproofs, we know this isn't always practical. That's why we suggest giving them a quick rinse before popping them into a mesh laundry bag and then into the washing machine. Just remember, NO fabric softener, bleach, tumble-drier or iron.

Oh yes - remember to wash them before their first use. Weirdly, the fabric is "activated" better for absorption after the first wash...

We wish there was a stock-standard answer to this question, but truth be told, everyone is different. On average, most people's flow is heaviest on days 2 & 3, so they tend to need either heavy absorption pairs or more pairs on these days. Some of our customers can manage with 3 pairs for their entire cycle by washing straight after wearing (especially the quicker drying nylon fabric ones) whilst other customers have to change every 4 hours because their flow is super heavy. We always suggest that you try your blushproofs at home, in a safe space first, to work out what is best for you and how often you should change. So, back to the question - you probably need at least 3 pairs...

The SILVADUR™ in the wicking fabric ensures that the panties don't smell. If you're worried, give them an extra quick rinse on cold. Weirdly, you shouldn't use a vinegar rinse as this can affect the leakproof layer. The same goes for Soda Ash or Soda crystals. If you're really wanting a natural solution, look at using something like SoPure's Lingerie Laundry wash, which is locally made.

At Blushproof, we've worked really hard at getting our patterns right to fit our Rainbow nation and we truly believe we're on the right track. You won't find any 2XLs disguised as Mediums making you feel glum. We've got styles for those with lots of "booty" as well as short, tall and everything in between. We want our blushproofs to be for everyone. So if you normally buy a Small, then choose Small blushproofs. Remember, you want them to be snug to prevent leaks. If they're too loose, they'll feel more like a nappy and will most likely leak. That's why we offer an exchange programme - your blushproofs need to fit! We don't want you wasting money on something that won't work for you...

We're super proud of the fact that our undies are locally designed AND made. When we started the business, we considered importing from China like many other brands and we did, in fact import some to test... but for us, they just weren't what we were looking for. We wanted a longer gusset, thinner absorbing fabric whilst still offering maximum absorption, better styles and sizing... and so we just decided, what the hell, let's see if we can design and make our own. And so we did - we think the reviews speak for themselves.

In our quest to find the right fabrics, we've had to search far and wide. We believe that we have found a good selection of quality fabrics from various suppliers all over the world. Of course, the most important fabrics are those in the gusset which wick and absorb your flow as well as ensure no leaks. We're confident that the fabrics we've chosen will do what's needed, in the best possible way, without causing any harm. For customers that want a product that's as sustainable as possible, we've created our bamboo range made from the same amazing fabrics for the gusset but with a bamboo panty.

When we started Blushproof, we wanted to create a range that would dry quickly so that customers didn't have to buy too many pairs to start. Period panties were very new in the South African market and so customers were hesitant to invest too much until they knew they worked. Roll forward 2 years and we now have our bamboo range. We've always LOVED the Boody Eco Wear range and wanted to also offer a soft, sustainable bamboo fabric option. So what's the difference between them? Bamboo is naturally thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic, super soft BUT definitely takes longer to dry. The majority of our styles are made from a quicker drying Nylon blend that's sustainably manufactured and silky, like your regular underwear. So it means you can probably get away with buying less pairs to cover you for your whole menstruation.

Since tweens are still very used to cotton panties, we've found that our Tween Bamboo Briefs are a real win! They're comfy, feel just like normal undies, and take the stress out of first periods. Then there's the Tween Bikini which is made from a Nylon blend, not to be confused with the SWIM bikini, which many tweens love. The SWIM bikini can be paired with a bikini top or worn under a full costume. This style looks EXACTLY like a normal bikini, giving them confidence on the beach and in the pool. Finally, the Tween Shortie is great for those with sensory worries. They're seam-free on the inside, making them super comfy.

We have LOTS of styles for teens but the most popular ones are the Bikini, the SWIM bikini, the Shorties and the Briefs. The Bikini is a lovely cut that fits snugly but if your teen prefers more bum coverage, then the Brief is better as it won't move or "wedge". The Shortie is AMAZING if your teen is tactile as there are no seams. They're also great for sleeping in or for on the sports field, especially since the bamboo fabric is moisture-wicking. Then there's the SWIM bikini, which can be worn as is, with their favourite bikini top or under a full costume.

Adults have been the most tricky to design period panties for as we all have so many different shapes and sizes, and sadly, we carry a lot of insecurities about our bodies - which we shouldn't! Anywhere else in the world, women of all shapes and sizes celebrate their bodies & feel no shame in stretchmarks here, cellulite there, saggy boobs & butts! So yes, adult patterns for South African women have been tricky. Having said this, we believe that we have created a range of styles that give everyone confidence. If you're wanting something that comes high on the waist, then our Hi-Waist style is amazing. It's super comfy and keeps you feeling secure. If you like a Bikini or Brief cut, then we have those too. If you're wanting to keep using your tampons or cup but don't want any leaks on your nice underwear, then the Thong is perfect as a backup. If you want something SUPER comfy and / or you care about being as sustainable as possible, then the Bamboo Shorties are the best!

Although we really want them to be used for full incontinence (and this is definitely in our long-term plans), they can only be used for light bladder leaks at this stage. The smell & viscosity of urine and blood is different. We're hard at work all the time in trying to figure out how to replace disposable adult diapers so that people with leaks can also have a more dignified solution. We'll get there, but we're not there just yet... Watch this space!

YES! Our SWIM bikini has been such a game changer. We LOVE the reviews we get as we fully understand how awful it is when mates are swimming and you're sitting on the sideline, not able to join in the fun. How did we come up with a swimming range? Our customers took it upon themselves to use our Bikini style period panties under their swimming costumes and found that they worked. They put big pressure on us to offer a swim solution (and still constantly ask us to design a full swimming costume)... So that's how our SWIM bikini bottoms came about. We get asked all the time "But how EXACTLY do they work," and the answer is, "We don't EXACTLY know". We've researched and read up and done tons of trials... There are articles that say "your flow slows in the water". There's research that says "it's because you're horizontal in the water" or "it's the water pressure". What we do know for sure, is that our fabrics are amazing, as is our technology and our customers love our SWIM bottoms and haven't had leaks. The blood stays in - no trail in the pool behind, like we used to dread when we were younger and no leaks when getting out of the water. Of course, we always recommend having a spare pair on hand in a leakproof pouch so that you can change if you're swimming all day or worried. It's better to be prepared.

Period panties NEED to fit. If they don't fit, they leak. This is why we have decided to allow exchanges on what is essentially underwear. We always ask our customers to try their blushproofs on over their other undies for sizing as soon as they receive them. If they're too small or too big, we allow an exchange. We know that period panties are an investment and we don't want our customers wasting their money. Of course, we cannot offer an exchange if the items have been worn... We do unfortunately have to charge for the courier fees. We're no Takealot that can afford to cover these costs.

We've setup an exchange portal that allows you to enter your order number and email address and then request an exchange. This must be done within 30 days of receiving your blushproofs. We have 3 options:

1. You return the items with a courier of your choice and we arrange for the new items to be couriered back to you (R100 to cover the courier costs)

2. You ask us to collect the returned items as well as arrange the courier for the new items (R200 to cover the courier costs)

3. You bring the returned items to our Craighall workshop and get your new items at the same time (no charge)

You can read more by clicking the menu option "Exchanges"

We absolutely LOVE what we do and we LOVE the positive reviews we get. Whether you're from a disadvantaged background or a priviledged background, everyone deserves the right to have a dignified menstruation. So, from the profits of our sales, we use a portion to buy and donate cloth pad packs. Each pack includes 3 super absorption cloth pads that can be washed and reused time and time again. We also LOVE working on CSI and NGO initiatives where we get to help lots of people in disadvantaged communities all at once...

We're passionate about what we do but also about our customer service and go out of our way to assist our customers. Our blushproofs are locally designed & made to ensure that we cater for our amazing Rainbow nation. We offer an exchange programme so that our customers can rest in the knowledge that their investment won't be wasted. We love working on charitable initiatives that help to reduce period poverty. We're constantly looking for ways to improve our brand; to add new ranges; to be all inclusive; and to make a difference in the lives of those that menstruate. We hope that our customers' reviews are a testimony to that!!