Welcome to blushproof, the reusable absorbing panties & pads that soak up your period or leaks.

Now you can be your best self no matter what your body has planned for you.

When it's leakproof, it's blushproof!

Why choose us?

Our panties are the only ones in SA infused with silver ions, making them truly anti-bacterial & anti-odour

LOVE LOCAL - Our panties are locally designed & made

We have a 45-day exchange / refund policy

We automatically make & donate cloth pad packs to those in need

Our fabrics are quick drying which means 3 or 4 pairs should get you through your cycle

Sustainably made in South Africa - love local!

Customer Reviews

I didn't even realise how uncomfortable tampons were until I tried blushproof panties. Wow! They're so comfy!


The panties were amazing, I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely purchase more and recommend them to family & friends.


The most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. My blushproofs made dancing very easy and comfortable!


I love my blushproof panties. They fit me so well. My blushproof pads are doing a great job too 💝


I thought I would hate them but they’re so comfy! I think this is a brilliant product and will definitely be using mine for races.