Period panties that absorb periods and leaks. Locally made in South Africa. Buy online.
Blushproof period panties come in a variety of stylish and sexy styles so that you don't have to worry about feeling awkward about body leaks.
Blushproof period panties are extremely absorbent. The leakproof layer makes sure the panties don't leak.
Blushproof period panties range in sizing from Tweens, aged ten to thirteen, to sizing for teens and adults from extra small to two times extra large.
Period panties are better than disposable sanitary pads and tampons for managing your menstrual cycle as they don't end up in the landfills. They can be used again and again and again.
Industry Leading Design
How Period Panties Work

Simply wear, wash and wear again

Blushproof absorbing panties have 3 extra layers in the gusset to wick your flow away; to trap your flow (keeping you dry); and to lock in your flow to prevent leaks

Blushproof Absorbing Panties Give You The Confidence To Be Yourself Every Day

With our extremely comfortable, stylish, super absorbent, leak-proof period panties, you will have the confidence to do what you want when you want, no matter where you are in your menstrual cycle.

Helping Young Girls
Blushproof Charity

Through our Charity programme, Blushproof® donates period packs from a portion of the proceeds of every sale.

The Charity Packs include reusable cloth sanitary pads which help to ensure that tweens and teens in disadvantaged areas are given access to safe and sustainable sanitary products that are reliable and long lasting.

When you buy Blushproof absorbing panties, a portion of the proceeds go towards making and donating reusable cloth sanitary napkins to teenagers in disadvantaged communities. This helps them to manage their menses better and to stay in school.