Periods and bladder leaks have been taboo topics in South Africa for years—often not even discussed. It’s time we embrace our natural cycle and empower those who menstruate or have leaks with reliable, sustainable products. It’s also time to embrace body positivity and celebrate people with periods of all shapes and sizes.
When I started Blushproof® I wanted to tackle three things: how to period sustainably, how to look after our bodies better, and how to help others stay in school no matter where they are in their cycle.  

I believe that we achieve these goals by:

  • Producing absorbing panties and reusable cloth pads that lead to a massive reduction in non-biodegradable products ending in landfills
  • Encouraging those who menstruate and have leaks to move away from using products with toxins and plastics
  • Providing absorbing panties for people of all shapes and sizes
  • Automatically donating period packs to those unable to afford period products from the proceeds of our sales

There are 7 million learners in South Africa between the ages of 13 and 19, 4 million of whom don’t have access to the period products they need every month.

Not having the right products on hand means that these teenagers are often forced to miss class, which can affect their chances of finishing school and finding jobs down the line.

Through our Charity programme, Blushproof® donates period packs paid for from the proceeds of our sales. The packs include cloth sanitary pads, which help to ensure that tweens and teens in disadvantaged areas are given access to safe and sustainable products that are reliable and long lasting.