How to be prepared - your period week survival guide

What goes into a period survival kit? Anything that you need to deal with, get through, and even enjoy the days you’re on your period.

Choose stuff that makes you feel good

A period survival kit should be small enough to fit in your backpack, purse, or gym bag so you’re prepared for whatever comes, whenever it comes (at school, the mall, or extra murals). It should also include things that make you *happy* and feel like yourself, even if you’re tired or have cramps.

What we put in our kit

Playlist with feel-good music: Feel-good means what you want it to mean here. Showtunes? Hip-hop? That oldies album your dad always plays on weekends that you pretend to hate, but actually kinda cheers you up? 

Herbal or decaffeinated tea: It can be tempting to go find the biggest, chocolatiest latte you can find when you’re already feeling super tired (and have a ton of homework to finish), but caffeine can actually make PMS symptoms like cramps and bloating even worse. Many herbal teas actually have anti-inflammatory capabilities, so they will do the opposite.

Journal to write down all the feelings: PMS can sometimes make your emotions feel more intense than usual, but that’s no reason to invalidate them. A healthy outlet, like journaling, is a good way to respect these emotions, without letting them control you.

Face Masks, eye masks or heat packs - all great for making you feel better!

Extra pair of Blushproof period panties in your leakproof bag: Bye-bye, surprise leaks!

Dark chocolate: Did you know that the magnesium and iron in dark chocolate can help relieve cramps? Score!!

Any whatever else makes us happy at the time...