How much blood do I lose on my period?

On average, you lose 3 to 8 teaspoons of menstrual fluid while on your period. That might seem like a lot, especially when you're changing your period products, but that's because menstrual fluid is made up of a bit more than just blood. 

Menstrual fluid is actually a combination of blood and tissue from your uterine lining, which is also why you might notice clots or other textures that differ from a regular cut. 

Every period is different

Some months, your period may only last a couple days, but will stick around a little longer for others. Your period might also be shorter or longer than your friends — it can be tough to compare your experience to anybody else's because all our bodies are unique, so you're better off figuring out what *your* normal looks like.

You don’t lose a lot!

3 to 8 teaspoons isn’t a lot—grab a teaspoon from the kitchen and fill it with water to see for yourself!—but if you’re ever concerned that you’re losing too much menstrual fluid, check-in with your doctor to make sure everything is okay, or ask an adult to help you set up an appointment.