Are periods gross?

No way! Periods are totally natural and *nothing* to be ashamed of or grossed out by (even if they can get a little messy while you’re figuring out your body).

Period myths and taboos

Unfortunately, periods are a taboo topic, something people who have experienced them for years don’t usually talk about. All that secrecy and mystery can make them seem strange. And because new and different things can seem ~weird~, some of your friends may say “ew” when talking or thinking about periods. There’s also the belief, in many cultures, that periods are unclean — but that is sooo not true.

Periods are not dirty 

Menstrual fluid isn’t dirty or unsafe, and neither are you. Periods are an essential part of life and you shouldn’t feel gross for having one or talking about them. The more we can talk about the funny/annoying/awesome experience of periods, the fewer people will think they’re gross.