Why you should track your cycle

Why you should track your cycle

Understand your body

Tracking your cyclical changes and symptoms each month creates a powerful awareness. You’ll find that you understand your body on a new level and why you’re experiencing certain things at certain times.


Cycle tracking can be an effective form of contraception as you’ll know when you’re most likely to be fertile and can plan accordingly.

Early detection

Tracking your monthly symptoms will help you know immediately when something is wrong so that you can take quick action. Head straight to your doctor if you’re worried.

Symptom management

You’ll be able to identify patterns in your symptoms, such as mood swings, bloating, headaches or cramps. This will allow you to plan ahead in terms of managing your symptoms better and setting time aside for yourself.

There are tons of amazing Apps available in the app stores nowadays that will help you to easily track your cycle and they have lots of wonderful tips and tricks too so go check them out! Some examples are My calendar; Flo Period & Cycles Tracker; and Period Tracker+ to mention but a few. 

Cycle tracking might just change your life!

Thandi Hartmann, founder of Blushproof, is passionate about all things menstruation related