Our cycles and the seasons

Our cycles and the seasons

Have you ever thought about how similar your menstrual cycle is to the seasons we go through each year?  It turns out, they’re very similar.  Both are cyclical – they keep on moving through the phases, sometimes going unnoticed and sometimes feeling like they rule your life.  

Follicular phase: Spring

Your period has just ended. You can finally wear your favourite pants without worrying about leaks, you’re no longer fatigued, craving chocolate, or doubled over in pain! Winter is over, and you’ve made it into spring. The days are getting longer and warmer and life feels good again.  Spring is the perfect personification for the follicular stage of your menstrual cycle. Your body has a whole new lease on life and your oestrogen levels are increasing. During the follicular phase your skin is at its clearest and brightest, your PMS symptoms are nowhere to be seen, and your body can take on whatever you throw at it.  Make the most of the spring of your menstrual cycle by using it to:

  • Achieve your goals
  • Do something creative
  • Make plans with friends and family

Ovulatory phase: Summer

The ovulatory phase equates to summertime. Your oestrogen is at its highest and you’re at your most fertile. This will mean you’re feeling super energised and social which is ideal for – you’ve guessed it – summertime! A summer romance, long nights spent with friends, and exploring new and exciting places or activities.  

Your menstrual cycle’s version of summer, the ovulatory stage, is the perfect time to:

  • Keep your momentum going from the follicular phase and smash your goals
  • Get together with family, friends and loved ones
  • Start a new hobby and meet new people

Luteal phase: Autumn

Hello and welcome to mood swing central, also known as the luteal phase, or autumn. Autumn can be recognized by weather that can rarely make its mind up, chopping and changing from blue skies in the morning, to light rain in the afternoon, and thunderstorms all night. It’s also when the temperature starts to drop after summer, and the days get darker and shorter.  

The luteal phase of your menstrual cycle is almost identical to autumn. After the peak of the ovulatory phase, your hormone levels start to fall and rise dramatically, and the PMS symptoms kick in – this is when you know winter (your period) is coming. Your moods are likely to be unpredictable, your skin might start to break out, and you might not feel as sociable. Take it easy and focus on doing things that make your mind and body feel good like:

  • Getting outside for a gentle walk
  • Stretching your body with some yoga
  • Taking time to yourself to relax

Menstrual phase: Winter

Just like in winter, during your period, you might feel more like hibernating away from the world, we feel you! You wait it out until it’s over, with plenty of snacks and a hot water bottle. Your menstrual phase is when you’re on your period. Your progesterone and oestrogen levels are at their lowest, and you might be feeling menstrual fatigue, experiencing pain, or other PMS symptoms.  

During ‘winter’, or the menstrual phase of your cycle, we recommend taking extra care to be gentle with yourself. Give your body exactly what it needs:

  • Lighter exercise
  • Early nights
  • Try not to over plan or over socialise

Of course, you can get through the 'winter' of your cycle more comfortably in your blushproof period underwear, rather than having to worry about pads, tampons or cups. They're so soft & comfy, that at least, you won't have to worry about a squashed bloated tummy whilst stuffing yourself with choccies! 😂


Passionate about all things relating to our menstrual cycle, Thandi Hartmann founded Blushproof in 2020. She resides in Johannesburg, South Africa. She's also passionate about helping those in disadvantaged communities manage their periods better.